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0920001030 | 14 Things You Need to Know About Energy Modeling


Presenter Bob Fassbender, LEED AP BD+C, Trace 700 Instructor and co-founder of Energy-Models, will give you the top 14 things all building professionals need to know about energy modeling. We will reveiw everything from “What is energy modeling” to “What an energy model looks like” and more. This course also reviews what you can expect is terms of savings and how energy models may help you get your building LEED certified.


  1. Understand the “What’s, Who’s and When’s” of Energy Modeling as it applies to sustainable building design
  2. Understand the role of energy modeling for different project phases and types
  3. Analyze Design projects, Energy Auditing Projects, & Performance evaluation projects as it pertains to energy modeling
  4. Understand LEED v4 requirements for energy modeling